Vegetable Oil Filling Line, Cooking Oil Packaging Filling Line

Vegetable Cooking Oil Packaging Filling Line

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Vegetable Cooking Oil Packaging Filling Line Description:  

There is a switch for step progressive type supply and cretinous supply.It can be set optionally.National patented double speed technique has greatly increased production efficiency,Which is domestically advanced.High speed and low speed can be optionally chosen.National patented vacuum drop prevention and vacuum absorbing device guarantees there should be absolutely no drop or leakage during production.The cooking oil filling capping machine has several intellectual protection functions.Set target amount in the touch screen,the device may automatically increase or decrease to reach the target amount. The color touch screen shows many functions such as finish of all operations,supervision,operation instruction,etc.The transport line has applied latest technique on invert er,the transport speed can be adjusted freely,Which effectively solves the problem of oil split during acceleration of bottles,in the meantime,the output can be increased.Acceleration or deceleration can be realized by SIEMENS  controller,so the control becomes more accurate.PLC is SIEMENS product.Photoelectric inspection system has applied TURCK products Of Germany.

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