Aseptic filling Provides help for the functional beverage industry
Aseptic filling Provides help for the functional beverage industry

In recent years, the functional beverage industry has developed rapidly. In order to seek product differentiation, the company designed many packaging styles. Not only canned packaging but also bottled and boxed packaging used for functional drinks. Like other drinks, the packaging of functional drinks need beverage packaging machinery. With the rapid development of beverage packaging industry, after breaking the monopoly market pattern of glass containers, metal cans and plastic bottles have emerged one after another, and the beverage packaging presents a diversified development trend.    
The diversified development trend of beverage packaging continues to promote the progress of beverage packaging machinery, and with the increase of market demand for aseptic, health and other filling, aseptic packaging technology has been applied in the industry.            
Aseptic packaging technology is mainly in normal temperature, the whole product filling and sealing is completed in aseptic environment. In other words, aseptic products are filled into aseptic packaging containers in aseptic environment and then sealed. Compared with traditional filling, beverage filling is safer.            
Nowadays, domestic beverage packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers are constantly strengthening the technical research and development of their own equipment, and are committed to the development and application of beverage packaging technology, such as instant sterilization and cold filling technology, which can not only quickly sterilize, but also better retain the original flavor of the product, without adding any preservatives and sweeteners.            

At present, domestic beverage packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers have made great progress in this area, and have a strong competitive strength in price and after-sales service.

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