Edible Oil Filling Machine

Edible Oil Filling Machine

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Edible Oil Filling Machine  Description:  

The Weight is set with numerical input, save 10 kinds of formulas.Display with real time working state including indication and time intelligent lid pressing, the lid pressing height is adjustable.

Gross weight detection starts complete barrel filling .Gross weight or Net weight which automatically deduct container weight filling modes are available. Tracing zero position automatically, Packing barrel number accumulation and weight accumulation.Correcting the weight error automatically.Automatically reset after starting the machine, protective function under power failure.Emergent stop and power failure protective device.Reset to default settings after mistaken operation.With fault diagnosis function, easy maintenance.Flexible movement, explosive-proof device, simple operation.It will stop filling when the bottle doesn’t exist.The automatic edible oil filling machine is in full compliance with food hygiene requirements.

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