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Water Filling Production Line 5000BPH in SHEENSTAR Factory

5000BPH Water Filling Production Line in SHEENSTAR Factory
This water filling production line is purchased by customers in Botswana. The output is 5000 bottles per hour, which is used for 500ML plastic bottles.

The whole water filling line mainly includes semi-automatic bottle sorting machine, washing-filling-sealing 3 in 1 machine, air drying machine, sticker labeling machine and film shrink packing machine. The empty bottles are sent to the filling machine through the air conveying system, and the bottles come from one machine to the other by conveyors. All machines are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and long service life. All components are from world famous brands, with guaranteed quality.

This water production line has been debugged, running fast and stably. China inland and foreign customers are very satisfied with this production line. 

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