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Beverages can be packed in plastic bottles. Why can't liquor, beer and red wine be used?

Beverages can be packed in plastic bottles. Why can't liquor, beer and red wine be used? 
Beverages can be packed in plastic bottles. Why can't liquor, beer and red wine be used? After watching the rise of knowledge! Now it's cold winter, so we all know that for many places, the temperature is particularly low, and many people like to drink some white wine to warm their bodies. But when buying liquor, most people should have such a discovery, that is, most beverages use plastic bottles. Whether it is beer or liquor, whether it is expensive or cheap, all glass bottles are used. Why? Why can't white wine, beer and red wine use plastic bottles? In fact, there are many people they don't understand. Let's take a look.

The main component of most plastic bottles nowadays is polyethylene, which is an organic compound characterized by strong stability, low water permeability, and weak air permeability. It is not easy to water at room temperature, and the temperature cannot exceed 75 degrees, strong plasticity and low cost, so there is no problem in using it to hold beverages.

However, polyethylene will have weak solubility when facing alcohol solution, and it will be more obvious under heating. In addition, plasticizers are also added when making polyethylene, which can increase the flexibility of plastics. In addition, the plasticizer is not easy to water , but can easily alcohol, so whether it is liquor, beer or red wine, or other other alcoholic beverages, plastic bottles cannot be used.

Plastic bottled beverages are completely okay, but alcoholic beverages are not allowed, otherwise the quality of the wine will be reduced, and after drinking, it will have some impact on our health. Of course, it is not so absolute. It is still possible . It will be affected after a long time, especially for a long time. It is best to pay attention to it. It is not worthwhile to affect the quality of our liquor and our own health for a glass bottle.

To sum up, because plastic bottles contain plasticizers that are insoluble in water, they are easily contained in the ethanol solution, which will affect the quality of our wines. Drinking them will also affect our health. Therefore, we say that we use plastic bottles for beverages, but we must not Liquor, whether it is liquor, beer, or red wine, is not acceptable. 

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