Reverse Bottle Sterilizer and Spray Cooling System
Reverse Bottle Sterilizer and Spray Cooling System

Reverse Bottle Sterilizer and Spray Cooling System 
The Reverse Bottle Sterilizer and Spray cooling System by SHEENSTAR has been successfully installed and commissioned in JIANGXI province of china this month. The installation including two parts: Reverse Bottle Sterilizer and Spray Cooling System.

A. Reverse Bottle Sterilizer
(1) After hot filling machine, plastic bottled tea drinks and juice beverage enter the reverse bottle sterilizer to sterilize the parts of the bottle mouth and the inner wall of the bottle cap that have not been sterilized or treated with high temperature. This machine mainly used in hot filling production line for tea drinks and juice drinks. 
(2) This machine can realize automatic flip sterilization and self-reset function, make the filled beverage automatically flip 90 degrees, use the high temperature of the beverage itself to sterilize the inner wall of the bottle cap, and then the bottle will automatically stand up and enter the next process.
(3) It mainly completes the entire process through the conveyor chain, bottle body reversing chain system, rack, and bottle flipping rod, which will not cause any pollution to the bottle. The entire system is controlled by frequency conversion, the speed can be adjusted, and the process is safe and reliable.
(4) The length of the equipment can be calculated according to the output of hot filling machine, and the sterilization time can be selected by the user.

B. Spray Cooling System
(1) This system can be used for warm bottles of gas beverages and beer, and can also be used for the sterilization of various bottled beverages, canned beverages, canned fruits and vegetables under normal pressure, and can also be used for cooling down for plastic bottled tea beverages and fruit juice beverages after hot filling machine.
(2) For tea beverages and juice beverages, after sterilizing the bottle, the conveyor belt will send the bottled beverages into the spray cooling equipment for spraying and cooling the bottle to ensure the hot filling effect of the juices, at the same time it can prevent the destruction of nutrients caused by high temperature for a long time. , Bottle deformation, etc.
(3) The equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the temperature of spray sterilization is controlled by PLC touch screen.
(4) The spray cooling equipment adopts high-quality plastic mesh belt chain plate, which is stable in transportation, can reduce the bottle breaking rate, and the temperature control precision of each temperature zone is high, which can ensure good sterilization effect.

(5) The circulating water spraying method can effectively save heat energy, water can be recycled and save water.

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