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Shipment for Bottled Water Production Line

Shipment for Bottled Water Production Line

Affected by the epidemic, since the first half of 2020, most of the foreign trade orders received have been placed online by customers, and they have entrusted foreign friends living in China to check and inspect the equipment and carry out shipment supervision and installation.
This water production line is sent abroad and is mainly used for filling 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 2000ml bottled water. The full set of water production line contains drinking water treatment equipment, drinking water filling machine, bottled water film packaging machine, etc. This line have 2000 square meters and the equipment will reach the customer's country after one month.
During the epidemic, the company is seeking breakthroughs, hoping to treat each order more meticulously and more seriously, from repeatedly confirming the technical parameters before placing the order, to  manufacturing production, acceptance and debugging before shipment, and then to the packaging, supervision and installation. We take it seriously in every step, hoping to bring a better buying experience to customers. 
Sheenstar still focus on manufacturing drinking water filling production equipment, fruit juice filling production machine and carbonated beverage filling production equipment.

At present, the company still has 3 engineers to install and debug the filling machine abroad. We believe that our service will make customers satisfied.

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