bottled drinking water Filling Machine
Thailand Two bottled drinking water Filling Machine Debugging Completed

Thailand Two Filling Machine Debugging Completed 
After visiting the Sheenstar Factory, Thailand customer decided to purchase 2sets of 5000 BPH water filling machines for the production of bottled drinking water. There are 6 bottles with different sizes, with volume from 330ml to 1500ml, and there are also two kinds of caps. 
When finished the completion of production, the customers expressed 7boxes of bottles and caps to our factory, we used the these bottle samples and caps to test filling machine. Each machine used one bottle cap and three kinds of bottles. We only need to replace the corresponding change parts to fill different bottle types on the same machine. 

During the trial operation, we take the videos for the operation of water filling machine with 6 kinds of bottle samples and engineer operation videos one by one according to the customer's requirements, and the customers were very satisfied after watching the working videos. We believe that if machinery quality is good, reputation will be good, Choose Sheenstar, we will give you a satisfactory Filling Machine and the best Service.

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