PET bottle orange juice filling machine, PET bottle orange juice production line
PET bottle orange juice filling machine

PET bottle orange juice filling machine 
The juice filing machine, which has just been manufactured and commissioned in the sheenstar workshop, it is used to produce PET bottled juice. The output can reach 12000 bottles per hour, and this filling machine is stable working in the commissioning and trial operation. The buyer inspect the equipment by online video, and he is very satisfied with the juice filling machinery. 
According to the buyer's requirement this machine adopts a special design. The transmission of bottles inside the filling machine(washing part-filling part-sealing part) is completed by using bottle clips. The advantages of the design are: 1. no need to change the bottle clips when you want to filling different shape bottles; 2. The machine cleaning is easier and there is no sanitary dead angle. 

This machine will be sent to the buyer's factory, with free spare parts, installation and operation video, user manual and so on. Wish our customers a prosperous business.

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