Juice Filling Machine for Chinese customer,Juice hot bottling lines
Juice Filling Machine for Chinese customer

Juice Filling Machine for Chinese customer

SHEENSTAR Juice hot filling machine with capacity 5000BPH were sent, this filling line includes water treatment system, juice preparation system (emulsification tank, mixing tank, carbonated mixer etc.), juice filling machine, juice bottle packing machine, air conveyor, belt conveyor and so on.
We immediately sent juice filling machine after debugging for the whole juice production line and customer agreed. Mr. Sun is happy to buy filling machine from SHEENSTAR, also thanks for Mr. Sun trusting in our machine and service, we believe that this filling line can bring benefits for Mr.Sun.

Summer is coming, welcome friends to SHEENSTAR to buy water filling machine, fruit juice filling machine, beverage filling machine, Waiting for you in Zhangjiagang city. 

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