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The market releases “vigor”The bottled water production line is aligned with capacity and efficiency.
As people's awareness of health concepts continues to increase, more and more people tend to drink bottled water when they are thirsty. It is understood that in the past six years, China's bottled water retail market has shown a rapid growth trend. By 2018, it has reached 190 billion yuan, with a growth rate of more than half. The market's "vigor" cannot be underestimated. The industry believes that with the rapid growth of bottled water, the capacity and efficiency of bottled water production lines should keep pace with the times and keep up with market demand in order to better meet the market's incremental supply.
Bottled water will be the largest category in the beverage sector, replacing all other soft drinks in the world. At the same time, it also proves its position in FMCG through strong data. According to the report, China's packaged drinking water production in January-April 2019 was over 25.59 million tons. At the same time, the market share of 2/5 has been the top spot in the national beverage market. It is expected that bottled water will achieve a 10% growth in 2019 and exceed 50% of the beverage industry. By 2020, sales will be close to 200 billion yuan. . It can be seen that the market prospect is very broad.
However, it is important to note that in the development process of China's bottled water industry, the phenomenon of homogenization is more serious, mainly because the products are very single. In the fast-growing stage of the industry, each bottled water producer has actively made breakthroughs in marketing, sales channels, water sources, etc., and achieved certain results. In addition, as the industry enters a boom period, market growth slows. In the future, the differentiated competition in China's bottled water market will be reflected in high-end, segmentation and diversification of categories.
Not only that, bottled water processing enterprises have to work harder in the market, but also work hard on the bottled water production line. We know that production capacity is a technical parameter that reflects the processing capacity of the company, and it can also reflect the scale of production. To improve the capacity and efficiency of the bottled water production line, we can better meet the rapid growth of the bottled water market demand. Some manufacturers said that if they want to succeed in the production of bottled water, they need to focus on improving productivity and efficiency.
At present, many companies have put forward very specific technical requirements for the bottling production line, and hope to increase production capacity and efficiency to meet the growing demand for different bottled water in the market, while also reducing production costs, so it is particularly fast. Highly efficient production line.
The author was informed that a new bottled water production line was introduced and officially launched. With the start button pressed, the bottled water production line with a speed of more than 80,000 bottles per hour was officially put into production. According to reports, the company's introduction of the four-in-one high-speed water line, high degree of automation, speed, greatly improved productivity and efficiency. If the production line runs 24 hours a day, it will work 300 days a year, that is, the production capacity of more than 500 million bottles a year.
According to informed sources, the bottled water production line on the market integrates water treatment systems, bottle blowing machines, bottle washing machines, bottle unscramblers, filling machines, sealing machines, sleeve labels and inkjet printers, making the production line more automated. No need for manual operation, assembly line operation, greatly improving the production efficiency of bottled water. It is worth mentioning that in the bottled water production line, the bottle unscrambler adopts three-pushing bottle structure to prevent the bottle from being turned, bottled and squeezed in the middle, which speeds up the bottle-out efficiency and further increases the comprehensive production capacity of the production line.
According to user feedback, “Before, the bottled water production line realized the assembly line operation, but the overall production capacity was not high, and the production efficiency was low. Since the purchase of the fully automatic high-speed bottled water production line, the production capacity and efficiency of the production line have not only been improved, but It can produce more than 78,000 bottles of bottled water per hour, and the production line is exquisitely designed, the operation is very stable, smooth, and the degree of automation is high, no manual operation is required, labor intensity is reduced, and certain labor costs are saved."

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