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"Mission Impossible 6" is worthy of the craftsmanship of filling machinery companies

"MissionImpossible 6" is worthy of the craftsmanship of Chinese filling machinerycompanies


According to the scene of high-altitudeskydiving, according to the personnel behind the scenes, in order to pursue theeffect of natural light and ensure that the actors can be clearly seen, thisscene is only shot within a few minutes of the sun setting, which means thatonce you miss these In minutes, the skydiving lens will be completely void.This kind of use of real scene and natural light shooting actually runs throughthe whole film. In the studio, the artificial lighting and the late CGI arepopular, which makes people feel refreshed.


The filling machinery industry also needs thespirit of craftsmanship, constantly improving the details of the equipment toenhance the sense of use of the filling equipment. For example, some simplestructures in Chinalack the necessary protective measures, and occasionally there will beaccidents that cause personal injury. However, by loading sensors and otherdevices, it is possible to automatically power off when the personnel approach,to ensure safety. It is also possible to install protective devices to avoiddamage to people from sharp corners. The implementation of these facilities isthe embodiment of the craftsman spirit.


China's filling machinery companies such as thefilm "Mission Impossible 6" face the same fierce market competition,and the film continues the box office myth with the professionalism of thecrew, the challenge of self, and the craftsmanship of the details of the dead.From this example, the filling machinery and equipment enterprises should alsosee the huge benefits that can be obtained through R&D, innovation andin-depth market demand, and continuously promote their own sustainabledevelopment.