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3 in 1 Beverage Filling Machine Working Process

3 in 1 Beverage Filling Machine Working Process 

(1) washingdevice

The PET bottle is passed byblower and then be sent to washing device of 3 in 1 machine by the dial star wheel. Rotary disk of washingdevice is equipped with bottles clamp, clamp of bottle with bottle along aguide rail turn 180 °, the bottle moth is down. Then the nozzle of bottle clampwill spray the water and wash the inner wall of the bottle. Afterrinse, clamp with bottle along the guide rail and then turn 180 °, the bottlemoth is up. After washing, the bottle is passed by the bottle star wheel andsent to the filling device.

(2) fillingdevice

The bottle is lodged by thebottle neck and the bottle is raised under the action of the CAM,then the filling valve is opened by bottle mouth. Filling adopts gravityfilling method. After the filling valve is opened, the water, juice are filledthrough the filling valve. Whenthe filling is finished, the bottle mouth drops off the filling valve, and the bottle enter the capping device.

(3)capping machine device

The stop-knife on cappingdevice get stuck the neck of bottle, keeping the bottle upright and preventingrotation. The capping head is kept revolution and autorotation , and the camwill push capping head to complete the whole sealing process. The finishedbottle is transmitted from the capping device to conveying belt, which istransmitted to the three-in-one (3 in1) filling machine.