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Beverage machinery development should take three directions

Beverage machinery development should take three directions

When the heat of the day and the Chinese new year holiday, drinks market demand will rise, beverage companies will also increase production at the appropriate time. So, consumers are more inclined to what kind of drink? Enterprises face the consumers this tendency and introduce how production equipment? Development of the beverage industry in comprehensive factors also led to the development of the national economy on the one hand, to improve Socialist People's standard of living made due contributions, I believe in the beverage market environment of the diversified needs of beverage machinery market will also have a new development. Segments of the beverage market, beverage machinery also put forward higher requirements. Beverage machinery is used in the manufacture of machinery and equipment of various beverages, and generally consists of many mechanical production line processing a variety of beverages, such as water treatment equipment, washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, sterilization equipment, and so on. Beverage machinery is produced along with the beverage industry to produce and develop with the development of the soft drink industry.

Current status of the beverage market

Status, health category growth and stability within the beverage industry, and non-health related categories fared poorly. As now material wealth, consumption levels increase, consumers increasingly concerned for your health, so also tend to choose healthy beverage consumption, such as drinking water, fruit and vegetable juice, protein drinks, herbal teas, sports drinks, high sugar content sodas, tea is not a past favor. So, the domestic beverages market participants should be responsive to consumer preferences for product adaptation, in order to secure the market.

Situation two, keeping momentum of healthy beverages were in bloom, lay entrants in the industry continue. Crystal sugar Sydney, appeared to lead the beverage industry such as herbal tea health health boom, companies have chosen this direction of development. As industry players to develop lungs loquat honey citron tea, tea, industry enterprises are mostly pharmaceutical companies such as Tai Chi group, pharmaceutical, drug discovery industry involvement. Pharmaceutical companies join the ranks of health healthy drinks, has research and development, raw material and other advantages, but the drinks industry and the pharmaceutical industry from competition to the Terminal has different pharmaceutical companies into taking into account prospects also needs to consider the challenge. Status quo three, most basic category of market patterns within the beverage industry has been set and high barriers to entry. Such as the bottled water industry, master, farmer Springs, wahaha, China resources, four companies accounted for more than 70%; fruit juice beverage industry, master Kong, unity, Huiyuan, Coca-Cola's four companies accounted for more than 60%; Red Bull sports drink industry is a dominant. Pattern in the market has been fixed within the category, if we want to achieve some success for new entrants, quite difficult. And this is so, than to create a new product category, or to break a piece of heaven and Earth.

Domestic beverage machinery presents three major trends:

Directions 1, to produce power needs, the higher the better

This would reduce the cost of goods to meet the delivery. High-speed packaging machines need to be associated with the process before joining without transportation links, including joins, the whole production line is put by production and packaging processes to do reverse, sequential downtime. Cold filling production line from plastic raw material automatic line to beverage filling, all automatic packing and stacking in a closed shop. Two, product update changes more flexible. Packaging machine with high flexibility and agility, promised the production line within a certain range of standard packaging size can be changed. As product life cycle are much shorter than the life of equipment, goods and packaging changes will not exchange of valuable packaging production line. Direction, you need to have automatic recognition function. Can automatically identify packaging material thickness, hardness, resilience, through rugged computer responses to manipulator adjustment action, ensure no rebound. The other hand, the variety of different goods, such as chocolates or snacks and other shapes, packed in the same box, its display is polite. Production line delivery goods are ordered, probe scans available, determine the material orientation of different shapes and reactions to different robot, it will exactly where to put items in the correct position and direction in a tray, fast and accurate, clean finger and manually operated visual fatigue. Beverage machinery enterprises must seize the popular drink at any time to adjust the product structure, timely research and development to seek new product breakthroughs. Recognizing the beverage industry's development trend and targeted to make competition policy or launch new products can help companies more successfully, to respond freely to market.