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Soy Milk Washing Fillers Capping 3 In 1 Machine

Soy Milk Washing Fillers Capping 3 In 1 Machine Description: 

This type of machine is suitable for milk, lactate milk, soy milk yogurt, egg, cream filling liquid products, etc.It is suitable for different kinds of bottles,and it is also can use aluminum foil sealing. The general use of the low temperature filling, after filling in cold storage products under the conditions of storage (2-10 ), fresh degree is high shelf life is short (7-60 days).The soil milk washing filling capping 3 in 1 machine in accordance with production, configuration, automation degree, the size of the box, the size of the cover of different ways, divided into different specification model, in order to meet different user requirements.The design of the soil milk washing filling capping 3 in 1 machine is simple and nice sharp, it adopted in high quality components of the Germans FESTO pneumatic element and Japans Mitsubishi electric control parts to ensure that the quality of its outstanding performance and lasting stability.The machine does not need any special tools, if there is no bottle feeding it will stop washing filling and capping, The number of filling heads can increase or decrease according to customer's needs.Configuration include the movements which when filling the cylinder up and down that driven the pipe close. It effectively prevent the occurrence of leakage and Drawing, it apply to the high-foaming products of filling lifting systems, further ensure that the horizontal positioning bottle of bottle positioning system.The parts touch with the milk are made of stainless steel 316l, the others are made of stainless steel 304.8.This machine is full automatic. Adopting world famous brand products from Germany, America, Japan, etc., including various sorts of valve and the system of PLC, optic-electronic and temperature control, pneumatic control and automatic lubrication, etc.German original SIEMENS (Siemens) PLC control to ensure the performance stability of the system and high precision requirement. No bottle no filling,no bottle no capping.

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