Juice Filling Line

Juice Filling Line

Juice Filling Line Suppliers and Manufacturers from - China Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co.,Ltd.

Juice Filling Line Product Description: 

he washing, filling and capping 3 kinds of jobs washing filling capping will be finished just by this one machine.The orange juice plant is very convenient to change diverse sizes and shapes of bottles by means of advanced bottle conveying technology,bottleneck clamping and bottle suspending technology.Bottles come from bottle blowing machine through air conveyor,which is fast and safe. Advanced programmable PLC is equipped to control the main machine automatically. Main electronic components are all from famous international enterprises,that can provide technical support and excellent after sales service.All spare parts that may touch with juice are made from high-quality stainless steel,which is easily clean ,no rust,and safe.The machine is certificated by CE,SGS,ISO9001.We will provide 2 years warranty,during this time,the spare parts and service is free.

Products Suppliers & Manufacturers: China Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co.,Ltd.

Juice Filling Line Advantages:
1, The material is sus 304
2, easy operation
3, 2 years warranty
4, certificated by CE,ISO9001,SGS

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