Juice Bottling Machine

Juice Bottling Machine

Juice Bottling Machine Product Description: 

The suspending bottle-neck clamping design assures whole juice bottling machine more stable during the working process and it also avoids malfunctions caused by the different bottle thickness or height. The design also dramatically reduces the required quantities of interchange parts which make it more convenient to change different types of bottles on washing, filling and capping. Advanced pump filling technology which assure quick filling and high accuracy of liquid level control. Magnetic torque is applied on bottle screw capping. Constant screw capping power can be adjustable and therefore will not hurt the bottles at all. Horizontal swirl cap sorting device is applied to avoid damaging caps. No caps, no capping; No caps, feeding system run automatically. Workers can operate the machine easily because it adopts Human-machine interface touch-screen and PLC control system. If There is No bottles, the machine will stop filling and capping.Liquid level in the tank is controlled automatically. All parts connected with water are made of food grade stainless steel. All main components makers are world-known manufacturers

Products Suppliers & Manufacturers: China Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co.,Ltd.

juice bottling machine Advantages:
1, The material is sus 304
2, easy operation
3, 2 years warranty
4, certificated by CE,ISO9001,SGS

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