Juice Bottle Hot Filling Machine

Juice Bottle Hot Filling Machine

Juice Bottle Hot Filling Machine Product Description: 

The juice bottling machine are used for the producing of green tea,black tea and fruit juice.It integrates bottle washing ,filling,capping together.The design is scientific and reasonable.Its appearance is beautiful, operation and maintenance is convenient.The juice bottling machine has high speed filling valve, guarantees liquid has precise level and no waste is incurred The capping heads apply constant magnetic torque device to secure capping quality  and prevent damage to the bottle caps.The control system has the function of control producing speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block auto stop and production counting. The advanced programmed controller PLC is adopted to control the machine to run automatically.All the main material is stainless steel.And the spare parts all from the famous company ,which has a good reputation,provide professional technical support

Products Suppliers & Manufacturers: China Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co.,Ltd.

Juice Bottle Hot Filling Machine Advantages:
1, The material is sus 304
2, easy operation
3, 2 years warranty
4, certificated by CE,ISO9001,SGS

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