5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

5 Gallon Water Filling Capping Machine

5 Gallon Water Filling Capping Machine Product Description: 

5 gallon water filling capping machine include 3 main parts, according to its function can be divided into washing, filling and capping three parts.washing part is for making the barrels clean,filling part is for filling water into barrel ,capping machine is for sealing the barrel with caps. and its working process is as follows:The empty barrel tilted down into the mouth to send buckets, bucket chain movement clearance a location, at this point, the empty barrel wash for inverted form.The total of four processing procedure: first as the water;The second is disinfectant;The third way for sterile water flushing;The fourth sterile water rinse again;After rinsing with 20 s time for bucket drain well. Rinse chain rotate 45 degrees, down to slip out of the bucket, and the top drum cylinder will flip bucket down 45 degrees put empty barrels in filling, waiting for filling.Filling valve driven by cylinder into the barrel mouth, filling automatic exhaust valve by open the filling, the filling time is set by PLC, and can be used according to the liquid level height panel multi function button modification filling time, in order to achieve the best position, after filling to liquid level, excess water by automatic drain back to the pure water tank, in order to reduce water waste.After filling, by filling a bucket cylinder will have barrels to gland location, for the next step when filling capping, thus the whole process is over.

Products Suppliers & Manufacturers: China Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co.,Ltd.
5 Gallon Water Filling Capping Machine Advantages:
1, The material is sus 304
2, easy operation
3, 2 years warranty
4, certificated by CE,ISO9001,SGS

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