Bottled Water Automatic Production Line
Bottled Water Demand Diversification Automatic Production Line to achieve flexible production

Bottled Water Demand Diversification
Automatic Production Line to achieve flexible production

With the improvement of people's consumption level and health awareness, healthy and safe drinking water is more and more popular in the market, which accelerates the development of China's bottled water industry to a certain extent. With the enhancement of health awareness and consumption ability of Chinese consumers, in recent years, middle and high-grade bottled water products and natural mineral water have been more and more recognized by consumers, especially the sales of natural water and natural mineral water in the category of packaged drinking water has grown very fast.

If enterprises want to get a share in the increasingly competitive middle and high-end bottled water market, they should not only focus on high-quality water resources, brands and channels, but also speed up the pace of replacing the old and new production capacity. Using advanced production lines is conducive to solving the problems of unstable operation, low efficiency, low production capacity and quality of traditional production lines, and also helps enterprises to flexibly switch multiple products Through complementation and assistance, flexible, efficient and flexible production can be realized.

SHEENSTAR provides a full set of water, beverage, aerated beverage production line equipment, automatic production, reduce human investment, achieve efficient production. Welcome customers to visit SHEENSTAR factory and inquiry about the beverage machinery

Delivery again, water treatment water filling production line delivery to Bangladesh!
Customers were invited to watch the live broadcast of sheenstar online, and confirmed that our company is a reliable beverage machinery manufacturer through online video. According to the needs of our customers, combined with the local market research, we provided the quotation to the customers, and the customers immediately placed an order for a water production line.

After 40 working days of production, this drinking water production line was completed according to customer requirements, and commissioned and pre-maintained in the SHEENSTAR workshop and sent to Libya. Then SHEENSTAR's engineers will go to install and debug and train relevant operators to make the machine use well.
During the machine manufacturing process, the relevant salesman notified the customer of the production progress in time, and took photos and commissioning videos to the customer. Based on the trust in SHEENSTAR and the business staff, the customer arranged the remittance without the on-site inspection. Thank customers for their trust, SHEENSTAR keeps improving and strives for better. Welcome customers to visit our company.

18t water treatment system completed production
If you visit the sheenstar factory now, you will see a lot of machines in production, as well as several production lines waiting for delivery after installation and commissioning, including this water treatment production line with an output of 18 tons. This water treatment line is made of high-quality stainless steel and equipped with independent control system. All components are from world-famous brands, with guaranteed quality and no worries after sales. This water treatment system is also equipped with an ozone system and a breathing filter, which can filter out all the viruses and dust in the air to ensure sterility. The whole treatment equipment includes quartz sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, precision filtration, reverse osmosis system, backwashing system, ozone system and pump. Choose sheenstar, high quality, excellent service, to provide you with a full set of beverage filling line.

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