Pure Water Filling Production Lines
7000BPH Pure Water Filling Production Lines

7000BPH Pure Water Filling Production Lines 
SHEENSTAR just now finished one set of 7000BPH pure water production line, this pure water production line mainly includes semi-automatic bottle unscramble machine (we also can provide full-automatic bottle unscramble machine), plastic bottle washing, filling and sealing machine, blow drying machine, sleeve labeling machine, shrinking tunnel and PE film packing machine
This pure water production line will send to West Africa, because of COVID-19, the customer invited his friend in China to inspect pure water production line in SHEENSTAR factory. When debugging water filling line, we had a video call with customer and together watched the trial running of this water line. He is very satisfied with this pure water production line and immediately make the balance payment for this line, then we start to pack and delivery machines.

Thank you very much for support from customers.

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